Why Us ?

Oil & Gas Recruitment is the first romanian agency 100% specialised in oil and gas personnel recruitment.

We are a certified company by Romanian Naval Authority.

Our team

Crew Manager - Master Sr.DPO
more than 10 years experience in the offshore industry, has worked on drilling semi-submersibles, drillships, accomodation semi-submersibles and different types of offshore support vessels, gathered more than 5000 hours in DP and been for 3 years in the recruiting business.
Crewing Supervisor - Second Engineer
former engineer on oil tankers, LNGs, LPGs, having more than 6 years experience in marine/offshore personnel recruitment. To meet our client's requirements, we have developed a network of skilled Personnel encompassing a wide range of disciplines, both onshore and offshore, specifically within the Marine and Oil and Gas Industries.
All vacancies are approached consistently on a consultative basis, where we aim to become an extension of your organisation and gain a genuine understanding of your resource requirements and management style.
Whether your vacancy is an urgent requirement or part of your company's long term planning, we offer a timely, reliable and cost effective service by meeting your business needs with professional, qualified Personnel within your given time frame.

We offer our dedicated Recruitment services within Onshore, Offshore and Energy Sectors, specializing in some of the following but not limited to:

Headhunting services
Flights and Logistics
Payroll Management
Offshore Specialized Training
Offshore Medicals and vaccinations
English Tests
Oil & Gas Recruitment aims to be the leading provider of Oil and Gas Personnel for offshore and onshore jobs and to provide all clients, irrespective of size, location, or operation, with a consistently high quality recruitment service, customized to their specific requirements.


Romania has a tradition of more than 100 years in merchant shipping and maritime education and has a huge potential when it comes to supplying highly skilled personnel for the oil and gas industry.

There are over 1000 graduates each year, deck, engine, electric officers from the three Maritime Universities:

Naval Academy of Constanta
simulator 3 photo
Maritime University of Constanta
umc building photo
Romanian Nautical College from Bucharest
nautical college from bucharest picture

All the officers can easily be trained and converted into oil and gas personnel, to work on different offshore vessels and installations. There has been an increased demand of oil and gas personnel on the market lately, which makes the Romanian seafarers very interested in finding better job opportunities in this sector.

There are also two OPITO approved Training Centers ready to deliver offshore courses for their students (BOSIET, HUET, FOET, H2S Training):

  • CERONAV - Romanian Training Center from Constanta
  • Regional Air Services - Tuzla.
training Photo
training Photo
training Photo
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